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Toronto Condo Staging : Before & After

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Earlier this month I was given the opportunity to stage a condo in downtown Toronto. The condo was in very good condition with beautiful finishes, so luckily for me, it didn't need tonnes of work. I was able to make subtle changes which I feel improved the overall look of the condo without requiring changing out the existing furniture.

I am still working on building up my staging inventory, so I didn't have a lot of "stuff," so my main focus was on decluttering and reorganizing to emphasize the home's modern, clean finishes. I purchased a few "staging essentials" from my favourite shops (Home Sense and Bouclair) which I will likely share in a future blog post.

Now let's get to it! Here are the before and after photos of the condo.

*Please note: I did not take these photos, they were provided to me by the Realtor’s photographer.


I added a larger floor mat in more modern tonnes of grey to make the entry more inviting. In the kitchen, I ensured the countertop was clear of clutter, and added a few pops of green with a fresh bowl of apples, faux plants from IKEA and a few Perrier bottles.


The client already had place settings on the table which I thought looked nice so I left as is. I did however remove the pink candles because I felt they were distracting and there was no pink anywhere else in the space. I added the painting to the wall (I took it from the client's master bedroom and replaced it with something else). If I had access to some, I would have added a few modern bar stools at the bar for extra seating, but I think leaving it clear probably made the room seem bigger.


I used most the majority of my decor pieces here. I added some throw pillows and some blue artwork to the space. While I did feel the art is too small (I had brought that art for the bathroom), I liked how it tied in the blue pillows and also drew your eye up, so I hung the art over the sofa. I grouped some coffee table books, a candle and some other decor to the coffee table which I think looks a bit more fresh and tidy. And finally, I removed many of the bottles from the bar cart. I added a lamp (from the client's bedroom) as well as more coffee table books to the top of the bar cart to make it appear as a multi functional side table.


I added a coverlet underneath the comforter as the client did not have sheets, and also some more pillows. I moved the artwork into the Dining room (which was lacking art), and replaced it with a softer canvas above the bed as well a silver lamp which better coordinated with the new art.


In the Master Ensuite, I changed the shower curtain to a fresh white one to make the space appear bigger and brighter. I changed out the soap dispenser for a white one, and not pictured, I added a white rug and a basket of fresh towels.

Thank you for reading! Please let me know what you think! What are your favourite home staging "essentials"?