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Nordic Rainbow Nursery Mood Board and Inspo

When I found out my lovely neighbours were going to have baby this August I was beyond excited for them! I have been enjoying chatting with my neighbour, Whitney, about her plans for her daughter's nursery for the past few months, so I asked if I could design a mood board for her and her wife, and she said yes! Whitney's only criteria was that it be mint with some yellow accents and have somewhat of a "Nordic" vibe. My daughter's nursery is floral and pink, so I was excited to work with some different colours of the rainbow!

Here are some inspirational photos I collected over the last week!

*Please note, these photos are not my own, you can find the owner by clicking on the photo as I have linked my sources :)

Much to my surprise, there wasn’t a TONNE of mint or even blue nursery inspiration or little girls, so I had to get creative! Once I found this fun rug from Pottery Barn Kids, the wheels started turning and I found so many great products that were rainbow or cloud inspired. I can’t wait to see how the nursery turns out!

Below is the mood board I prepared. All of the sources are linked.

1. Artwork | 2. Crib | 3. Area rug | 4. Blanket ladder | 5. Moroccan pouf | 6. Pendant light | 7. Glider | 8. Rainbow pillow | 9. Swaddle | 10. Dresser | 11. Changing basket | 12. Rainbow stacker | 13. Lamp | 14. Coin bank | 15. Diaper pail | 16. Artwork | 17. Artwork | 18. Side table | 19. Artwork | 20. Laundry basket | 21. Cloud hanger | 22. Throw blanket | 23. Gold basket | 24. Bunny | 25. Cuddle and Kind doll